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Applications of Bostik 7008 and Primer P591

by | 15/01/24 | Industrial Adhesive

Applications of Bostik 7008 and Primer P591 include glass bonding, aluminum glazing, window frame bonding for buses, cars, sleeper buses, etc.

Bostik 7008 is a waterproof and heat-resistant adhesive, commonly used to bond various materials, particularly in the glass and metal industries. Primer P591 is an adhesion promoter designed to enhance the adhesion capability and performance of adhesives, especially when applied to challenging surfaces.


Applications of Bostik 7008 and Primer P591
Applications of Bostik 7008 and Primer P591

Enhanced Adhesion: Primer P591 reinforces the adhesion strength of Bostik 7008 on challenging surfaces, such as metal or materials with low adhesion properties.

Waterproofing: Bostik 7008, when combined with Primer P591, forms a tight bond that is resistant to water penetration.

High-Temperature Resistance: The combination of Bostik 7008 and Primer P591 also provides high-temperature resistance, maintaining durability and stability of the structure in environments with significant temperature fluctuations.

Application in the Glass Industry: This combination is commonly utilized in the installation and repair of glass, ensuring a secure connection between components.

Compliance with Safety and Environmental Standards: Both products adhere to safety and environmental standards, ensuring safety during usage.

Bostik 7008

Bostik 7008 Adhesive (ISR 70-08AP) is a high-quality product with advanced technology, specifically developed for industrial applications.

Applications of Bostik 7008 and Primer P591
  • Bostik 7008 is a high-quality product based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP), specifically developed for automotive industry applications, particularly in bonding windshields.
  • Bostik 7008 Adhesive can cure quickly and effectively, bonding to various materials in OEM, truck assembly, and mobile assemblies. This is especially useful in applications where installed parts need to be mobile immediately after the manufacturing process.
  • Bostik 7008 Adhesive complies with FMVSS212 standards.
  • Utilizing Dual SMP technology, Bostik 7008 ensures increased and controlled curing speed and reliability throughout the production process, expanding the capabilities of the application.

Primer P591

Both flexible and efficient, 3M™ All Moving Sealant Primer P591 performs well on various substrates such as metal, glass, plastic, wood, and concrete, as well as on acrylic, polycarbonate, and polyester surfaces.

Applications of Bostik 7008 and Primer P591
  • 3M Primer P591 can be used on basic glass, coated glass, flat glass, and fiberglass.
  • 3M Primer P591 enhances adhesion strength and improves the integrity of the bond.
  • Outstanding performance on acrylics, polycarbonates, and polyester.
  • Enhances bond durability on medium and low surface energy surfaces.

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