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Authorized Bostik Adhesive Distributor in Vietnam

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Hitta is an Official Bostik Adhesive Distributor, authorized in Vietnam. Are you in search of an authentic, high-quality, and reliable Bostik adhesive supplier? Hitta is your trusted distributor and partner, assisting customers and partners in maximizing product usage, efficiently applying them to manufacturing processes, services, and business operations, with a special emphasis on cost optimization for both customers and companies.

Hitta becomes an official Bostik Distributor

July 1, 2022 – Bostik Vietnam Company Limited officially acknowledged in written correspondence that Hitta JSC is the authorized distributor for Bostik products in Vietnam, with a particular focus on the southern region.

The certification also explicitly designates Hitta as the Bostik adhesive distributor in the ‘Mobility and Assembly industry‘. This term refers to the sector encompassing manufacturing, assembly, and transportation of mobile products, such as automobiles, airplanes, trains, medical equipment, mobile electronic devices, etc. This industry plays a crucial role in the economies of many countries and significantly impacts the daily lives of millions of users worldwide.

This highlights our expertise, especially in industrial applications!

Đại lý keo Bostik, Authorized Bostik Adhesive Distributor in Vietnam

In our capacity as a Bostik distributor, Hitta commits to having the necessary expertise, qualifications, and experience to provide comprehensive and well-founded advice and support to our customers.

Why should you buy Bostik adhesive from Hitta?

  • Deep Expertise: Beyond sales, Hitta provides highly specialized product consultation, assisting customers in maximizing product usage, accurately applying them to the company’s processes for optimal efficiency, results, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Best Prices: As a Bostik adhesive distributor, products reach customers directly without intermediaries, ensuring the best prices.
  • Value Addition: Hitta’s seasoned sales team, trained extensively with on-site visits to offices and factories, surveys actual processes to help customers choose the most suitable products. This ensures the optimal utilization of the products and solutions provided by Hitta.
  • Fast Delivery: Prompt delivery is guaranteed across provinces, especially for customers in Ho Chi Minh City.

About Bostik

Bostik logo

Bostik “Bostik is a brand under the international building materials conglomerate Arkema Group.

Website hãng: https://www.bostik.com

Bostik specializes in manufacturing and supplying adhesives and sealants for applications in the construction, industrial materials, consumer goods, and healthcare product sectors.

Bostik’s product range includes various types of silicon adhesives, tile adhesives, plywood adhesives, box sealing adhesives, wood adhesives, and many other products. Bostik is a globally renowned and reputable brand in the building materials industry.

Bostik products:

The development strategy of the company:

Đại lý keo Bostik arkema

At Bostik, we ceaselessly seek new, smarter ways of working. Innovation has been at the core of our history and remains one of our top priorities today. We continually create smarter solutions by embracing a culture of continuous learning, exploration, and development. We challenge ourselves, listen to our customers, adapt to the specific needs of the market, and lead industry trends. This is how we will continue to develop more flexible and sharp adhesive solutions, disrupting every industry where Bostik adhesives are present.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Bostik, we understand that the more detailed information and understanding we have about our customers’ needs, the smarter adhesive solutions we can create. Building on this premise and following the direction of our parent company, Arkema, we have implemented a customer-centric innovation approach to enable Bostik’s customers to manufacture better, safer, and more sustainable products.

History of Formation

lịch sử keo bostik

Bostik has a history of over 130 years:

  • 1913: Patent for the method of repairing holes in shoe soles.
  • 1917: Introduction of a new method for sealing shoes and waterproofing.
  • 1922: Launch of the renowned waterproof wallpaper adhesive under the brand Quelyd.
  • 1950s: Development of sealing and bonding solutions for automobiles and aircraft.
  • 1954: Introduction of the first Neoprene-based contact adhesive.
  • 1960s: Contribution to automation with the development of hot melt adhesives.
  • 1970: Introduction of the famous Blu Tack in the United Kingdom – a versatile putty.
  • 1975: Development of the first elastic adhesive for disposable diapers.
  • 2001: Introduction of the first improved Silyl-based polymer elastic adhesive.
  • 2003: Patent granted for the first pressure-sensitive adhesive for resealable food packaging.
  • 2019: Launch of Fix & Flash – a technology allowing customized adhesion on any material.

About Hitta

hitta jsc is Authorized Bostik Adhesive Distributor in Vietnam

With the mission ‘Providing comprehensive and professional industrial solutions,’ HITTA is a professional entity that supplies products, provides solution consultations, and offers pre, during, and post-sales support services.

HITTA’s motto is to ‘always accompany in bringing new values and maximizing profits for your company’ in markets such as Automobile Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, the Wood Industry, and more. With diverse experience and a commitment to continuous learning and updating with new technologies, HITTA sources high-quality and reasonably priced products from reputable global conglomerates.

Currently, HITTA represents numerous globally renowned brands in various fields, including:

  • Industrial Adhesive and Tape Solution: BOSTIK, BOWTAPE, 3M, ADINO, …
  • Abrasives Solution: 3M, Klingspor, Norton, …
  • Specialty Chemicals: 3M, Techspray, …
  • Automotive Soundproofing: HITTA ASV-1102

In addition, the dynamic and experienced sales team, along with a wide range of high-quality products, believes that consulting solutions are the best for addressing the challenges that your company may encounter.

Buy Bostik product

Purchase genuine Bostik adhesive directly from Hitta distributor to receive technical consultation and the best pricing:

  • ☎️ Hotline: 090.8611.011 (Mr. Dương).
  • ✉️ Email: hittajsc@hitta.vn
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