Bostik 7008

  • Bostik 7008 (Simson ISR 70-08 AP) is a high-quality product based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP), specifically developed for bonding automotive windshields in the industry.
  • Bostik 7008can cure quickly and effectively to bond various materials in OEM, vehicle assembly, and mobile component applications, especially in cases where the installed parts will be mobile immediately after production. ISR 70-08 AP complies with FMVSS212 standards.
  • The use of Dual SMP technology in Bostik 7008 ensures increased and controlled curing speed and reliability during production, expanding the capabilities of the application.

BOSTIK 7008 Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP)

Bostik 7008 (ISR 70-08AP) is a high-quality product with advanced technology, specially developed for industrial applications.

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Bostik 7008 adhesive combines the advantages of tape with the characteristics of a reactive system.

Immediately after installation, the component exhibits a high initial bond strength (high internal bonding force) due to the formation of a highly flexible powder state with excellent resistance to sagging. The reaction begins with atmospheric moisture, resulting in a non-reversible curing adhesive.

The initial bond strength, coupled with high tackiness, makes the product suitable for applications where parts need to be moved immediately after production.

Bostik 7008 adheres well without the need for a primer on glass surfaces and does not require immediate UV curing when the adhesive contacts the glass, as it is UV protected by a ceramic coating.

  • The product is solvent-free and does not contain isocyanate compounds or PVC.
  • Excellent UV resistance and anti-aging properties.
  • Good adhesion on various surfaces without the need for a primer.
  • Maintains elasticity within a temperature range from -40°C to 120°C.
  • Neutral and odorless curing.
  • Low volume expansion.
  • Low electrical conductivity.


Bostik 7008 adhesive is easily dispensed using a hand gun or pressure gun at temperatures ranging from +5°C to 35°C. The application speed can be increased by heating up to a maximum of 70°C.

For optimal adhesion, the surface needs to be clean, dry, and free of oil before use. Wipe the ceramic coating as well as various surfaces such as aluminum, coated steel, and polyester (GRP) with Simson Cleaner I.

In cases of high temperature resistance, exposure to significant mechanical stress, especially in wet conditions, when a large amount of adhesive is required, it is recommended to use Simson Prep M. Prep M cleans and prepares the surface simultaneously. For more detailed information about Prep M, refer to the product’s technical documentation.

After a few minutes of processing, the glass panel can be installed. The glass panel must be installed within 15 minutes after using Bostik 7008 AP. If there is no ceramic coating or the ceramic coating does not provide sufficient UV protection, Simson Prep G should be used after the glass panel has been cleaned with Cleaner 14 or Cleaner 1, unless there is a protective layer on the glass-adhesive contact surface against UV radiation. Excess ISR 70-08AP adhesive that has not dried can be cleaned or removed with a clean, colorless, lint-free cloth moistened with Liquid 1. It is advisable to conduct a preliminary test to assess the impact of these cleaning solutions on the bonding surface.


Bostik 7008 adhesive can be stored for 12 months in its original unopened packaging in a dry place at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C (for adhesive cartridges, the storage period is 18 months).


Basic Material

Silyl modified polymer (SMP)
Curing Method


Specific Gravity

Approx. 1.5

Skin Forming Time

approx. 15 min (20oC/50% R.H.)

Open Time

<15 min (20oC/50%/R.H.)

Curing Speed after 24 hrs

approx. 3 mm (20C/50% R.H.)

Shore A Hardness

approx. 60 (DIN 53505)

Volume Change

<3% (DIN 52451)

Electrical Volume Resistivity

>10^11 omega/cm (DIN 53482)

Tensile Stress (100%)

Approx. 2.3 MPa

(DIN 53504/ISO37)

Tensile Stress at Break

approx. 2.9 MPa

(DIN 53504/ISO37)

Elongation at Break

approx. 250%
(DIN 53504/ISO37)

Shear Stress

approx. 2.4 MPa (DIN 53283/ ASTM D1002)

Modulus E (10%) approx. 5.5 MPa (DIN 53504/ISO 37)

Isocyanate Percentage

Heat Resistance -40 o C – +120 o C
Operating Temperature +5 o C – +35 o C
Weather and UV Resistance very good
Color Black & white
Packaging Tube 290 ml, sausages 400 ml, and 600 ml
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