3M Scotch-Weld DP420 Two-Part Epoxy Structural Adhesive

Mã sản phẩm: DP420

Xuất xứ: 3M






3M Scotch-Weld 420 epoxy adhesive offers high strength and toughness. With a mixing ratio of 2:1, a 20-minute working time, and the ability to move to the next process within 2 hours.

3M Scotch-Weld 420 epoxy adhesive exhibits high strength, good impact resistance, and durability, with the ability to adhere to various surfaces such as metal, wood, ceramic, and some plastics.

  • High peel and shear strength maintain adhesion even at low and high temperatures.
  • High impact and fatigue resistance.
  • Adequate working time for adjusting the bond after application.
  • Medium viscosity allows for self-leveling, facilitating easy and precise application.
  • Cures at room temperature, making it suitable for applications requiring high strength and durability.
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