Bostik 7575

Bostik 7575 is a two-component, transparent epoxy adhesive with medium viscosity, room-temperature curing, designed for bonding structures. It cures quickly with low shrinkage, excellent shock resistance, and good electrical insulation. The product is suitable for application in high humidity environments and on wet surfaces.


Key characteristics of Bostik 7575

  • Mixing ratio of 1:1 for convenient weight-based measurements.
  • Cures to form a strong bond with various substrates, including metals, phenolic plastics, polymers, glass, FRP, PCB components, wood, ceramic, rubber, and construction materials.
  • Excellent electrical insulation and provides resistance to moisture, gases, water, corrosion, etc.


Prevents material from freezing. Store in a sealed packaging at temperatures ranging from 10°C to 30°C, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


Typical Use: It is ideal for forming tough, structural bonds to metals, phenolic plastics, polyesters, glass, FRPs, hard boards, wood, ceramics, rubber and masonry materials.
Color: Clear
Components: 2 part
Cure System: Room Temperature
Dielectric Strength: 400 V/mil
elongation: 570%
Hardness: 75 D
Shear Strength: 2,800
Viscosity: 12,000 to 16,000
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