Bow Tape 3505B

  • Bow Tape 3510B là băng keo 2 mặt acrylic PET film màu đen. Carrier là film rất phù hợp cho die cutting.
  • Ứng dụng: LCD BLU Top chassis panel sheet, Liên kết tấm thép không gỉ và nhôm có trọng lượng nhẹ.

Bow Tape 3505B double-sided PET film tape 0.1 mm thick

Bow Tape 3505B is a solvent-free double-sided tape. Low-out gassing (does not release volatile substances). Good performance for resistors.

Application: computer HDD, touch screen, LCD module, LCD module frame, phone touch screen module.


Backing PET
180˚ Peel Adhesion 1600 g/10mm
Thickness 0.05 mm
Heat resistant 120˚
Color Black



Bow Tape 3505B


Bow Tape 3505B

BowTape double-sided film tape

For applications requiring transparent and cutable tape, BowTape launches a product line specifically for this requirement. From PET and PVC films, special reflective films to Bow Tape’s invention of acrylic films, we can supply any double-sided film tape to suit any business need.


  • A variety of double-sided tapes for PET, PVC, and other films.
  • Excellent remedies and reactivity after application.
  • High initial adhesion and relatively high temperature resistance.


  • Application of foam and nonwoven fabric.
  • Mobile phones, tablets, other electronic components applications.
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