Bow Tape PE foam Tape 398A (0.8 mm)

  • Bowtape 398A is an 0.8mm thick double-sided PE Foam tape.
  • Key features of the tape include good insulation, vibration resistance, and impact resistance.
  • It excels at filling gaps and spaces.
  • With excellent initial adhesion strength and durable bonding capability.
  • Well-suited for applications in both automotive interior and exterior, as well as the electronics industry.

Bowtape 398A PE Foam 0.8 mm

Bow Tape 398A is a double-sided PE Foam tape with a polyethylene foam carrier. It boasts insulation, vibration resistance, and impact resistance capabilities. The tape is easy to apply on curved surfaces, making it an excellent choice for specific component requirements.

Recommended applications include exterior automotive installations (limited to flat surfaces), attaching rearview mirrors, automotive parts, decorative panels, and automotive accessories.



Backing PE Foam
180˚ Peel Adhesion 900 g/10mm
Thickness 0.8 mm
Heat resistance 120˚
Color Black


Bowtape 398A (0.8 mm)


Bowtape 398A (0.8 mm)

Adhesion test

  • Pulling force applied backward is 180 degrees.
  • Bow Tape 398A (0.8 mm) was pulled for over 2 hours at room temperature.
  • Result: Excellent adhesion, minimal displacement, passing the test.

Bowtape 398A (0.8 mm)

Heat resistance

  • Subjected to load with varying temperatures on stainless steel for 7 days.
  • Result: Strong adhesion, minimal displacement compared to the initial state, passing the test.

Bowtape 398A (0.8 mm)

Dynamic shear

  • Subjected to tensile force from both sides (top and bottom) at room temperature for over 2 hours.
  • Result: Strong adhesion, minimal displacement, passing the test.

Bowtape 398A (0.8 mm)

Chemical resistance

BowTape PE Foam

Băng keo BowTape PE Foam

Bow Tape’s PE Foam tape is water and dust resistant, soft and flexible, and can absorb shock and vibration. While great for industrial purposes there are also many uses for home use.


Great for filling gaps allowing the highest possible adhesion surface area.
Excellent initial adhesion and long lasting adhesion.
Excellent wettability.


Automotive interior and exterior parts and electronics

How to choose PE Foam BowTape

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