Acrylic Foam Tape Bow Tape 711G (1.1mm)

  • BowTape 711G is a 1.1mm thick double-sided Acrylic Foam reinforced tape.
  • It serves as a superior alternative to traditional bonding methods such as screws, bolts, rivets, providing higher performance.
  • It excels in impact resistance and vibration damping, offering outstanding bonding strength with durability.
  • Suitable for adhering to various material surfaces, it finds applications in industrial and household settings, including metal logos, automotive and transportation, elevators, bonding metal panels and stiffeners, etc.

BowTape 711G – Acrylic Foam tape 1.1 mm

Bowtape 711G Reinforced Tape is designed for high adhesion and can replace rivets, screws, and welding joints.

  • With double-sided adhesive featuring Acrylic-based glue for high adhesion.
  • Adheres well to metal, plastic, and foam surfaces.
  • Provides strong bonding capable of withstanding high forces.
  • Reduces vibrations and absorbs shocks due to the foam layer.



Backing Acrylic foam
180˚ Peel Adhesion 2300
Độ dày 1.1 mm
Chịu nhiệt 120˚
Màu Xám


Bowtape acrylic foam cấu tạo


bowtape 711g

Adhesion test

  • The peel strength to the rear is 180 degrees.
  • BowTape 711G (1.1 mm) tape has been pulled for over 2 hours at room temperature.
  • Result: excellent adhesion, minimal elongation, passing the test.

bowtape 711g

Static shear test

  • Withstanding varying temperatures on stainless steel for 7 days.
  • Result: strong adhesion, minimal elongation compared to the initial state, passing the test.

bowtape 711g

Dynamic shear test

  • Withstanding pulling force from both sides (top and bottom) at room temperature for over 2 hours.
  • Result: strong adhesion, minimal elongation, passing the test.

bowtape 711g

Temperature resistance

  • Withstanding a load of 500g at room temperature for one hour.
  • Every 5 minutes, the temperature increases by 3 degrees Celsius.
  • Result: good, extremely low elongation rate, passing the test.

Dòng băng keo hai Acrylic Foam Bow Tape


The specialized double-sided reinforced tape by BowTape is designed for applications requiring high load-bearing capacity and strong bonding, serving as a superior alternative to screws, bolts, rivets, and traditional methods. BowTape Acrylic Foam provides high bonding strength with excellent adhesive capabilities, suitable for various surfaces from stainless steel to different types of plastic.

Key Features:

  • Double-sided Acrylic Foam reinforced tape.
  • Outstanding performance against impact and vibrations.
  • Exceptional bonding strength with durability.


  • Automated logo and mold sticking applications.
  • Die-cut applications for automotive exteriors.
  • Industrial and household applications.

How to choose Acrylic Foam BowTape

Bowtape acrylic foam

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