Transparent Reinforcement Tape Bow Tape 710T (thickness 1.0 mm) Self-Adhesive

The double-sided tape Bowtape 710T is a high-adhesive tape used in various industries for assembling logos, screens, LEDs, labels, and tags.


Thickness selling specifications Width Color
1.0 mm 33 m/roll customizable Transparent



Bowtape 710T Acrylic Layer Tape 1.0 mm self-adhesive

The transparent reinforced tape Bowtape 710T (1.0 mm thickness) is designed for high adhesive strength and can replace rivets, screws, and welding joints.

  • With dual-sided adhesive featuring Acrylic-based glue for high adhesion, this tape adheres well to metal, plastic, foam, and glass surfaces.
  • Bowtape 710T provides strong bonding capable of withstanding high forces, reduces vibrations, and absorbs shocks due to the foam layer.
Backing Foam
180˚ Peel Adhesion  1200 g/10mm
Độ dày 1.0 mm
Chịu nhiệt 150˚
Màu Trong suốt/Trắng ngà


Bowtape 710T transparent tempered tape (1.0 mm thick) is composed of a transparent 1.0 mm thick layer of acrylic adhesive.


  • Metal logo.
  • Adhering digital screens.
  • Signage design.
  • Bonding metal panels and stiffeners.
  • Attaching metal panels to the frame.

Product value

  • Helps reduce construction time.
  • Ensures aesthetically pleasing and highly aesthetic adhesive bonds,
    facilitates bonding between different material surfaces.

Bowtape 710T reinforced tape is specially designed to support construction and assembly in industries such as automotive, electronics, and metal processing.

BowTape Acrylic Foam/Layer Tape

Dòng băng keo hai Acrylic Foam Bow Tape


BowTape’s specialized double-sided reinforced tape is designed for applications requiring high load-bearing capacity and superior bonding, serving as a replacement for screws, bolts, rivets, and traditional methods with improved performance. BowTape Acrylic Foam delivers strong bonding capabilities and can be applied across various surfaces, from stainless steel to different types of plastic.

Key Features:

– Double-sided Acrylic Foam reinforced tape.
– Excellent performance against impact and vibration.
– Outstanding bonding strength with durability.


– Logo and automated mold sticking applications.
– Die-cut applications for automotive exteriors.
– Industrial and household applications.

Choosing Acrylic Foam BowTape

Bowtape acrylic foam

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