The supplier of comprehensive and professional industrial solutions

With the mission of being a supplier of comprehensive and professional industrial solutions, HITTA is a proficient entity offering products, solution consultancy, and post-sales support services.

Guided by the motto of “always accompanying in bringing about new values and maximizing profits for our esteemed clients” across markets such as Automotive Manufacturing, Metalworking, Woodworking, among others, HITTA leverages its diverse experience and incessantly updates its knowledge of new technologies and high-quality products at reasonable prices sourced from reputable global conglomerates.

Presently, HITTA represents numerous renowned global brands across various sectors including:

– Industrial Adhesive and Tape Solutions: BOWTAPE, 3M, ADINO, …
– Abrasive Solutions: 3M, Klingspor, Norton, …
– Specialized Chemicals: 3M, Techspray, …
– Automotive and Bus Soundproofing Solutions: HITTA ASV-1102

Moreover, with a dynamic and experienced sales team well-versed in their respective domains, coupled with a wide range of high-quality products, HITTA believes that its consultative solutions are the optimal choice for addressing the challenges faced by our valued customers.


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