Bostik N310 Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive

  • Safe with Polystyrene.
  • Adheres to most surfaces.
  • High module property.
  • Easy to use with caulking guns.
  • Quick curing.
  • Suitable for both interior & exterior applications.
  • Immediate bonding upon contact.
  • Bostik N310 adhesive has high adhesion & strong bonding to prevent displacement.

Bostik N310 No more Nails

Bostik N310 adhesive is named ‘no more nails’ by Bostik, demonstrating its excellent adhesive and fixing capabilities for various materials with uneven surfaces, enough to replace conventional screw solutions. Bostik N310 is a versatile construction adhesive suitable for bonding various types of building materials for both indoor and outdoor applications.


General-purpose construction. Bonding wall and floor panels. Bonding metals, wood, and other material sheets to concrete, plasterboard, or other hard surfaces. Most bonding applications require a high-adhesive one-component adhesive, gap-filling capability, and good load-bearing capacity. Bonding wood panels, metals, cement sheets, and plasterboard with wooden or metal columns. Installing battens or other accessories into brick, stone, or concrete walls. Suitable for use on polystyrene foam.

Instructions for use

Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry. No loose paint, dust, grease, or solvents. General applications – low-stress load:

Cut the nozzle tip at a 45° angle to create a 5mm bead. Open the cartridge, attach the nozzle, and place it in the caulking gun. Apply a continuous bead every 400 to 450mm along the fixed surface. Immediately press the two surfaces together to ensure good wetting of the surface. Reinforce if necessary and allow to dry for 2 to 4 hours before removing the support.

Polystyrene applications

Follow the same procedure as above, but after ensuring the surface is evenly wetted, the material should be separated for about 5 minutes to allow most of the solvent to evaporate. Then, press the surfaces firmly together to form the final bond.

Heavy materials – high-stress load

Apply a 4mm thick bead along the entire contact surface of the two materials and immediately press the two surfaces together. Secure the two surfaces around the edges with nails enough to hold the two materials together for at least 8 hours. If necessary, remove the nails after achieving sufficient bond strength.

Product limitations

Bostik N310 will not bond to polyethylene or Teflon. At least one substrate must be a waterproof material such as wood, cement, or plasterboard. This allows the adhesive to fully cure by releasing solvents over a few days. If both substrates are waterproof materials like metal, the bond strength formed will be slower. Does not bond to painted or coated surfaces as solvents in the product may weaken the outer layer. Not suitable for vinyl plastics or surfaces coated with vinyl wallpaper. Not suitable for structural adhesives or areas of concentrated structural loads. Should not be used as a substitute for mechanical fasteners when specified by the manufacturer/supplier of construction materials. Always perform a test before using this adhesive. Migration of additives may occur with some PVC materials. For thin plywood, solvents may penetrate the plywood layer and cause bubbling.

The product cannot be held responsible for any marks on mirrors or any consequences as it depends entirely on the quality of the mirror coating.


Form Viscosity is akin to a blend of powder-like and cream-like forms
Color Light beige
Solid content ~ 75%
Open time (Repositioning time) 10 to 30 minutes depending on temperature and application method
Anti-Sag (AS2329-1999) < 6mm
Specific gravity 1.17 +/-0.02
Maximum bond strength From 48 to 72 hours depending on the application
Shear bond strength (AS2329-1999) Over 2 MPa (after 24 hours)
VOC 310g/L
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