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Bow Tape 716GS

Bowtape 716GS reinforced tape is a high-adhesion tape used in industries such as aluminum and glass, construction, automotive, and metal processing.


Thickness sales specifications width Color
1.6 mm 33 m/roll As per requirements Grey

Product Description

Bowtape 716GS reinforced tape is designed for high adhesion and can replace rivets, screws, and welds.

  • With double-sided adhesion using Acrylic-based adhesive for high adhesion.
  • Bow Tape 716GS adheres well to metal, plastic, and foam surfaces.
  • Withstanding high forces and reducing vibration and absorbing forces due to the foam layer.


The structure consists of 3 layers, including 2 adhesive layers and a foam layer in the middle, protected by a liner layer.

Cấu tạo băng keo hai mặt cường lực Bowtape 711G


  • Metal logos.
  • Adhering digital screens.
  • Signboard design.
  • Bonding metal sheets and stiffening bars.
  • Connecting metal sheets to the frame.

Product value

  • Helps shorten construction time.
  •  Provides aesthetically pleasing and high aesthetic value adhesive joints.
  •  Facilitates bonding between surfaces of different materials.

    Bowtape 716GS reinforced tape is specially designed to assist in construction and assembly in industries such as automotive, electronics, and metal processing.

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