Bostik P310 – expanding foam adhesive for thermal insulation and sound reduction

Bostik P310 EXPANDA FOAM CLASSIC is a one-component Polyurethane-based expanding foam adhesive specially designed for insulation and soundproofing. Advantages:

  • Superior sound insulation capability.
  • High thermal insulation performance.
  • Certified with EC1 Plus and A+.


Bostik P310 EXPANDA FOAM CLASSIC is specially developed for sealing joints around window and door frames. In construction, it is commonly applied in areas such as partition walls, ceiling and floor joints, penetration of pipes and conduits through walls and floors. Overall, P310 has excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, plasterboard, wood, metal, and various plastics like EPS and XPS, rigid PU foam, and uPVC.

Usage Instructions

Remove the cap and screw the straw tightly onto the valve. Shake the can vigorously before use at least 20 times. To create foam, invert the container and press the activator. Fill half of the gap, and in case of low humidity, lightly spray water on the foam. The foam will expand to fill the remaining portion.

Some notes

  • Wear eye protection, gloves, and protective clothing.
  • Wider and deeper joints over 4cm should be filled multiple times.
  • Cover the floor and furnishings with specialized masking film.
  • Bostik P310 can temperature: +5°C to +30°C (although +15°C to +25°C is recommended).
  • Application temperature for environment and surface: +5°C to +35°C (recommended +15°C to +25°C).

Usage Limitations

  • Not suitable for PE, PP, PC, PMMA, PTFE, soft plastic, neoprene, and bituminous substrates.
  • Not suitable for permanent water loading.
  • Not suitable for sealing moisture-deficient holes.
  • Surface Preparation & Finishing:

The substrate must be clean, dust-free, and grease-free. It’s important to slightly moisten the substrate surface before use as it improves adhesion and finishes the foam structure.


Bostik P310 EXPANDA FOAM CLASSIC can be painted or coated with sealant once fully cured.


After curing, any excess P310 foam can be removed with a knife or spoon.


Store the product in a dry place at temperatures ranging from +5°C to +25°C, with a shelf life of up to 12 months from the manufacturing date.


  • EC1 Plus
  • ISO 717-1 Joint Sound Insulation
  • EN 1609 Water vapor partial immersion
  • EN 12086 Water vapor transmission
  • EN 12667 Thermal Performance
  • A+ French VOC Regulation


Bostik P310 EXPANDA FOAM CLASSIC Phân phối chính hãng
Application temperature +5°C – +35°C
Base Polyurethane
Curing time FEICA TM1015 100-120 phút
Density 25-35 kg/m3
Fire behaviour DIN 4102-1 B3
Tack free time FEICA TM1014 8-10 phút
Elongation at break ASTM D412 580%
Yield FEICA TM1003 750 ml = 20-25 litre
Temperature resistance -30°C – +120°C
Thermal conductivity 30-35 mW/m.K
These values are typical properties and may vary +/-3%



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