Bow Tape 710SF (1.0 mm)

BowTape 710SF is a premium acrylic adhesive tape from Bow Premium that utilizes an exclusively designed acrylic film as the carrier, creating a highly elastic tape with exceptional recovery capabilities. Additionally, the acrylic adhesive exhibits a very high initial tack and remarkable flexibility, allowing for easy adhesion to various surfaces. Its robust structure provides resilience against environmental factors such as UV rays and moisture, making this product ideal for outdoor applications.


BowTape 710SF, Acrylic film Carrier, highly elastic, resistant to water, dust & environmental factors


Backing Acrylic film
180˚ Peel Adhesion 100 gf
Thickness 1.0 mm
Heat resistant 50˚
Color Matte white


BowTape 710SF cấu tạo


BowTape 710SF

BowTape 710SF

BowTape 710SF

BowTape 710SF

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